What We Are About

We invite you to help us create change. We are seeking to use education to shake the very foundations of the rape culture that surrounds us.  It is not just individual criminals that we are fighting, but a systemic power structure and society that is reluctant to talk about a deeply distressing subject and in so doing perpetuates the violence. The phrase “speak truth to power” was popularized during the Civil Rights struggles of the 1960s and 70s. We draw on that phrase for our inspiration now, as we educate people about the realities of sexual violence and empower them to rise up and use their voices to change the conversations going on around them. To speak truth TO sexual violence.


We are dedicated to giving our community a voice to talk about the realities of sexual violence and create necessary change.  We work with middle, high school, and college students in and out of their schools as well as members of the larger community in developing comprehensive educational programs and events. Our over-arching agenda is to promote healthy relationships and anti-sexual violence education in the State of Nebraska. Too often sexual violence is still seen as a private matter, and as something that shames the survivor. It is also seen as distant. So much education needs to happen. Socially perpetrators are not held accountable. The conversation ends because it is uncomfortable, and often perpetrators enjoy the support of laughter, even if it is awkward. There needs to be more of a social stigma around perpetrating sexual violence, and none at all about having survived that trauma. The only things that can inspire this sea change are a great many very uncomfortable conversations. Educating our communities and facilitating those conversations is our mission.